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How to reclaim your power
You may be struggling with:
  • Sexual frustrations in relationships

  • Lack of sexual desire, pain in sex, or difficulty achieving orgasm

  • Avoiding physical/ emotional intimacy

  • Sexual compulsivity

  • Feeling checked out or numb before, during, or after sex

  • Difficulty with trusting people you love

  • Recognizing, setting, and maintaining boundaries

  • Self worth, self blame, or depression

  • Anxiety or feeling on edge

  • Triggers and flashbacks

  • Stress-related health issues


Even if you don't find yourself thinking about what happened, sexual wounds can change how you feel about trusting yourself and how safe you feel with others. You may find yourself in a repeating cycle of relationship problems.

You might worry that you are broken, but you're really just trying to cope with trauma.

You don't have to let it define you.

Recovery from sexual trauma is a profound journey of healing, resilience, and empowerment. Whether or not you have ever shared your story, I can help you rediscover self-acceptance and reclaim sexual health.



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