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Learn to trust again. Earn their trust again.

Common challenges couples face when healing from infidelity or trust breaches:

  • It’s an emotional rollercoaster

  • The shame of remaining in the relationship

  • Losing patience with the healing timeline

  • Taking accountability and providing reassurance

  • Navigating grief, shame, and resentment

  • Establishing and respecting new boundaries

  • Physical and emotional intimacy

  • Managing triggers

  • Creating new positive experiences

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You're probably worried that your relationship can never regain the trust it once had, even though you both desperately want to. You're having the same conversations over and over, and it seems like you'll never figure it out. Your once-loving connection seems irreparably damaged.

Your relationship is over. Now it’s time to build a new one.

Your love for one another can heal even the deepest wounds.

It might hard to imagine, but you can rebuild your relationship on a foundation of self-worth and healthier boundaries. You're far from alone in this struggle -- the courageous couples I have worked with have taught me how you can reconnect emotionally and physically, navigate the complexities of accountability and forgiveness, and reforge your bond so that it is stronger than ever.



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