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How to have healthy conflict and get your needs met

Common communication challenges:

  • Avoidance, leading to unresolved issues

  • Shame about asking for what we need

  • Defensiveness, criticizing, and blaming each another

  • Dismissing or invalidating one another

  • Misunderstanding one another's words or intentions

  • Making assumptions about what the other person is thinking or feeling

  • Non-verbal communication (body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice)

  • Choosing the best time and place

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Relationship conflict often arises from thinking that we understand what the other person is saying, but so often we end up just talking past one another, getting lost in our own shame, and feeling misunderstood.

Your ability to have healthy conflict in relationships is essential to helping you grow together.

I can teach both your partner and you how to listen and respond to one another more effectively, so that you can get on the same page. Not only can you both feel honored and understood, but you can also help each other get what you need.



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